Remembering Sierra Jones

The family of a 19-year-old Ocean Springs woman is now trying to come up with the money to cover her funeral expenses. News 25’s Kristen Durand spoke with the family of Sierra Jones.
Just days before Sierra Jones’ passing in a tragic car accident in George County Monday morning, she spoke with her Aunt Rosetta Johnson about the ups and downs of being a new college student. “She was letting me know that she was getting back to getting to a smooth track, to a smooth way of finding that healthy balance in school and trying to juggle it all because college life is different,” said Johnson.
But now, instead of celebrating Sierra’s first year of college, her family is planning her funeral. “As we all know, funeral arrangements and funeral home and all the things that go toward funeral costs, the flowers, I mean from everything you could possibly think of, it costs money,” said Johnson.
A grieving family burdened by the sudden loss has the added stress of paying to burying their child. They’ve set up a GoFundMe account, asking the community for help. “The last thing when you’re grieving and you have to put somebody to rest is to think about money or how you’re going to come up with the money or what I got to do to get the money, you know what I mean? You’re already dealing with the stress with grieving in itself,” said Johnson.
On Easter Sunday, the day before her tragic death, Sierra made her last update on Facebook, a post that read “I know for a fact God is real.” It was shared nearly 2,000 times and counting. Sierra’s uncle, Daveon Johnson, said, “That touched me so much because now the world can see who and what she stood for and that her belief manifested and became real, even in her own eyes. Other people can look back and see her last post and say the last thing on her mind was the evidence of God.”
You can find the GoFundMe page by visiting the website and searching Sierra Jones.

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