Remembering Hurricane Katrina

Today marks 13 years since Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Coast, devastating the lives of many Mississippians.

This morning, community members gathered at Waveland’s Ground Zero Hurricane Museum to pay tribute to those who were lost in Hurricane Katrina’s path and those whose lives were left in pieces in the wake of the category five storm.

On display was the museum’s new exhibit called ‘Waveland: the way we were” which Lili Murphy, chairman of the museum’s board, says serves as an upbeat reminder of how far Waveland has come. “Well this exhibit is to appeal to our locals, the people that lost everything, and the memories of the way it used to be, their homes, old churches, the condominiums that were on the beach. It just stirs memories because sometimes we have forgotten how things looked 13 years ago.”

The Ground Zero Museum used to be Waveland’s old civic center and the building was the only public structure left standing after the storm.

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