Remembering Hurricane Katrina at Oak Crest Mansion Inn

Sean Pittman is the artistic director of the play ‘Katrina Cottage,’ a play that makes you think back to 13 years ago when the natural disaster hit.

Tonight, a little girl who was born two days after Hurricane Katrina dances alongside a friend in remembrance.

Katrina brought hard times for a bunch of people across the Gulf Coast, but can you imagine some of the worst moments in life bringing you a lifetime filled with joy and happiness. “I went into labor with her on the 31st. I went into labor in the middle of the night and didn’t really have anywhere to go.”

Lisa Robertson Hulin gave birth to her daughter, Sofia Marble. Marble, along with her close friend Sara, danced during the play ‘Katrina Cottage’ at the Oak Crest Mansion Inn in Pass Christian to remember those who suffered at the hands of the storm. “I knew it needed to be sad and a little upset. So, we tried to make it go very slow and our movements very fluent,” said Sofia.

Sara said, “I know it devastated many houses and it was really tough for some people because they didn’t really know what to do or where to go.”

Hulin is a prime example of someone not knowing where to go. She was caught up preparing for the storm that she didn’t even realize she was in labor. “Mentally, I was so concerned about the storm. I didn’t realize the back pains were actually labor pains.”

Despite the two girls not remembering Katrina, they wanted to make sure that every step, every turn, every movement made those in the audience remember those dark times or, in Lisa’s case, the light that shined 13 years ago. “I had her and I was sent out of the hospital about ten hours after I gave birth, but she came with me and she’s been here with me ever since.”

“It just makes me appreciate her a lot more than I probably would normally.”

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