Remembering Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina will remain in the minds of those who lived through it for the rest of their lives, especially on days like today. It’s been 14 years since Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

This morning at the Ground Zero Museum in Waveland, they remembered what this day back in 2005 did to their community.

A ceremony was held to pay tribute to the strength of resiliency of everyone post-storm and to honor the lives lost with 26 in Waveland alone.

The museum also showed a film called ‘When Wind and Water Speaks, the Voices of Katrina’ where Waveland residents shared their stories of how Katrina shaped their lives.

It also gave people an open space to talk about their losses and why it is important to remember.  Museum Director Linda Aiavolasiti said, “We were completely devastated. Everything from the tracks to the water was just about totally wiped out. We lost 150-year-old homes, 150-year-old Live oak trees. It is going to take more than my lifetime to get back to where we were.”

Waveland resident Bob Martin said, “Our generation is going to be gone soon and this needs to be put down in writing or in video so other generations know what we experienced here.”

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