Remembering former Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo

The City of Waveland is in mourning after the passing of former Mayor Tommy Longo on Saturday.

“A part of Waveland has died.” The passing of long time Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo came unexpectedly and devastating to those who knew him. He was only 60-years-old. City Clerk Mickey Lagasse said, “He was a good friend and had been a good friend for a long, long time. He did a lot for the city and would always reach out and help people whenever he could. He was really the mayor of the people and he cared about the people.”

Lagasse and Waveland Mayor Secretary Tammy Fayard worked with Longo during his 16 years serving the city and say his love of Waveland is what pushed him. “He had so much more that I know he wanted to do. He loved Waveland with all of his heart and soul. He gave it his all after Katrina. He worked tirelessly to make sure we were all taken care of, his employees, the citizens. I can’t say enough and I am very thankful for what he did for our community,” said Fayard.

Fayard says she will remember Longo for his infectious personality and his resiliency during the period after Hurricane Katrina. “His heart just bled when this community was destroyed, the community that he truly, truly loved. He was just lost. He didn’t know what to say in the beginning other than we’re going to rebuild. We’re going to do this. Let’s go. He made sure that Waveland was going to be on the map and that we were going to be heard that we were destroyed and that he himself made sure the word was out.”

Longo didn’t stop there. After rebuilding his city, he traveled the country helping other mayors with disaster relief. Longo leaves behind a large family which current Mayor Mike Smith says will be his legacy. Waveland Mayor Mike Smith said, “He was a family man, a man who dearly loved his city and I think that that is his legacy. He made his mark on Waveland.”

Funeral arrangements for Longo have been set for Saturday, April 6th at St. Clare Catholic Church in Waveland at 1 p.m.

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