Remember safety first when heading into the holiday weekend

Fire departments throughout South Mississippi are going above and beyond the call of duty to help protect people as we head into the holiday weekend.

The skies light up each Fourth of July as we celebrate Independence Day and like every other year, people are sure to be out in full force around pools and coastal waterways as we head into the holiday weekend. Harrison County Fire Marshal Pat Sullivan says no matter what time of the year it is be sure to know the lay of the land and the waters you’re going to. “Fourth of July is one of those days we know people will be out and about on the water, swimming, fishing and so forth. Using the safety precautions everyone knows about. Number one, swim in an area that you know what the currents are, know what the bottom’s like.”

Another good rule of thumb is go with a group and be sure to have flotation devices for everyone, even those who can swim. “We’ve recently had some recent tragedies where several people drowned at once. What happened was one person gets in trouble. Another person goes in to help them, and then somebody else goes to help them. Consequently several people drowned, and it’s a tragedy. It’s something we don’t want to happen.  Knowing CPR.”

D’Iberville firefighters are on the front lines handing out face masks as we head into the holiday weekend. This giveaway couldn’t come at a better time, considering the recent spike in COVID cases throughout the state. D’Iberville Fire Department Deputy Chief Danny Miller said, “There is a spike. I don’t know if it’s because of more testing. I know this is something that hit the entire country hard. We’re just hoping we can get it under control.”

It’s the second time around for this giveaway with up to five masks issued by MEMA for each person who pulled through Thursday. “It has been pretty steady. Actually a lot better than the last one we had. I think we had around 300 vehicles at the one we held two weeks ago.”

Taking the advice of these local first responders should help you and yours breathe a little easier this holiday.

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