Religious Accommodations Act Is Now Law

Mississippi is garnering national attention after Governor Phil Bryant signs the religious accommodations Act into law.

This came a day after heavy protests at the state capitol.

Taking to twitter, Bryant said he did so to “Protect sincerely held religious beliefs of people in the magnolia state.”

Among other things, the legislation will allow businesses and religious groups to deny the LGBT community certain services such as counseling, wedding planning and adoption support.

It will also protect those groups from punishment if they act “Consistent with a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.”

As Governor Phil Bryant said “Basically says the state or its political subdivisions cannot discriminate against someone because of their deeply-held religious views. If a baker or a photographer says ‘my deeply-held religious view is that I cannot participate in a religious ceremony like a wedding,’ the state cannot fine you, we cannot take your license away from you, we couldn’t end any contracts.”

While supporters say is about religious freedom others say is about the freedom to discriminate.

Molly Kester, President Of Ms Rainbow Center,

“It’s not only against LGBT that people can discriminate, it’s anyone that have a religious belief or strongly held belief against.  So those that consider that women should only wear skirts and they walk into their store with pants on, they can say they don’t want to serve you.  It’s so wide ranging and it’s basically unconstitutional.  It allows people to legally discriminate without and legal recourse from the government or anyone else.”

This passed despite opposition from proponents of LGBT rights as well as the Mississippi Chamber and a number of corporations who have said the bill violated their non-discrimination policies.

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