Relief trip to Rockport

From Gulfport to Rockport, the relief team rolled out early this morning to help our neighbors to the west recover after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.
News 25’s Laurene Callander reports on why the first responders and city leaders are going beyond state lines.
The relief team headed out before the sun came up Tuesday morning to help our neighbors to the west. Twelve first responders and city officials loaded up around 5 a.m. in Gulfport with six convoy vehicles plus 18 wheelers filled with much needed supplies. The city collected items and the community did their part to donate gift cards, food, and send best wishes to the team.
The relief team plans to set up a designated area in Rockport, Texas to hand out the supplies and aid in the relief effort after Hurricane Harvey. Both Police Chief Leonard Papania and Mayor Billy Hewes tell News 25 why this effort goes beyond city lines. “When Katrina hit us there were no lines, there were no jurisdictions, and the only way to get through big events like this is all the communities coming together,” said Chief Papania.
Mayor Hewes said, “After a disaster nobody is a stranger, everybody is a neighbor and a friend and there’s so much outpouring. It’s selfless. It’s remarkable coming together and it’s something you’d like to see every single day, but it really restores your faith in humanity about how people are reaching out and trying to help each other at all costs.”
This is not the first or last visit to our neighbors in the west. The relief team plans to make several trips to Texas to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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