Red Snapper Season Starts Today

Red snapper season opened today and some fishermen couldn’t wait to get on the waters to test their luck.
For over 40 years, Captain Jay Trochesset has been fishing the Gulf Coast waters for red snapper, and today’s season opener was no disappointment: “ It was calm and the fish really cooperated and it was a great day of fishing and fortunately we left them biting. We brought in 34 snapper and some sharks and 12-13 bulls and a few mackerel.”
But this season will be different; the Department of Marine Resources is now requiring all recreational fishermen and captains for hire to report their red snapper harvest to the state.
Paul Mickle with the Department of Marine Resources said, “a lot of people think there are a lot of them, a lot of people think there are not many of them, so this data will pretty much answer the questions so with unknowns comes uncertainty and this is direct cause and this is the direct aim of going after answering those questions with hard data and numbers.” Those numbers will also determine the possibility of an even longer snapper season.

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