Red Ribbon Week

A two-fold message today at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School as National Red Ribbon Week begins to wrap.

News 25’s Toni Miles takes to the school where the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department tied in another important message as Halloween is upon us.

Christmas is still about two months away, but at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School, they’ve decked the trees with bows and ribbons as part of the school’s Red Ribbon Week campaign. Popp’s Ferry Elementary School PIO Crystal James said, “We’ve actually tried to encompass a lot of different themes this year. The national theme is ‘Life is Your Journey – Travel Drug Free.’ Throughout these eight days, our school has traveled through the decades. We traveled through the holidays, and we’ve also traveled through the movies and things like that.”

The message was stick to the script and make good decisions that will carry them through life. “Whenever they are this young, they may not necessarily know all of the dangers that are part of drugs, but we make it fun for them to learn about saying no and to let them know that it’s cool to say no,” said James.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department is tying in an additional message as thousands of South Mississippi kids get ready to trick-or-treat.  Lt. Robert Lincoln said, “One of the biggest things is for them to stay as a group. There is safety in numbers.”

Parents can also help steer their children in the right, and safe, direction while trick-or-treating. “Parents do need to be familiar with the sex offender registry, and where houses are around in their neighborhoods they want to be sure to exclude from their list. They can go to the Harrison County website, or you can go to sex offender registry, put in your address and it will actually show you every house with someone registered within a three mile radius.”

Good guidance on multiple fronts whether choosing which house to visit while trick-or-treating or saying no to drugs somewhere further down the line, all useful as tomorrow’s leaders begin here.

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