Red Cross Holds Blood Drive for 9/11 Anniversary

Thursday, of all days, is a day to feel patriotic.

Lena Lacour donates blood regularly, but at Thursday’s drive, sponsored by the D’Iberville Family Moose Center, she thinks about the 2,977 victims who died in the 9/11 attacks 13 years ago. Lacour says, “I reflect on the people who were lost, their family that was left behind, and just the tragedy and the shock to all of us in our country, number one, and in the world, number two.”

Thursday is a day when Americans are overcome with a feeling of patriotism, a day when people across the nation pour in to blood drives, roll up their sleeves, and give blood to give back. Heather Chapman, Blood Collections Specialist, says, “Today’s event is in memory of 9/11 and it just gives people a chance to come out and remember all the sacrifices that were made in 9/11 and give them a chance to give back and do their donations to help people and save their lives.”

Although the anniversary of September 11th might be a bigger incentive for people to give blood, the American Red Cross is encouraging people to donate on a regular basis. Chapman also says, “I encourage people to donate because it does save lives more than people understand. A lot of people out there are suffering and they need blood to help stay alive.”

Lacour tries to donate as often as she can for a number of reasons. She says, “It saves lives, number one, and number two, it’s good for your health to eliminate some old blood cells and your blood replenishes the supply with new blood.”

She’s donated two gallons of blood to date and encourages people to be regular donors just like she is. The American Red Cross now has an app available so you can locate the nearest blood drive and schedule your appointment from your mobile device.

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