Recycling Christmas trees in Harrison County

Don’t let that tree go to waste! Mississippi Power has partnered up with Harrison County to recycle Christmas trees.

Save trees, live better! Walmart is recycling unsold Christmas trees to help beautify our community. Walmart Store Manager Mike McDavid said, “We got about 15 or 20 trees and they’re ready to be ground up and we’ll seem them in the community hopefully somewhere soon.”

McDavid tells News 25 they have no problem doing what’s right to reduce the carbon footprint. “Sustainability whether it’s plastic, cardboard, this case it happens to be left over Christmas trees. Any time that we find that opportunity to be involved with it, it’s good for us as a company not to be leaving that footprint out there and try to do the right thing.”

Hundreds of what used to be beautifully decorated Christmas trees will now be recycled into mulch for Harrison County parks and schools.

As a partner, Mississippi Power offers five tree drop-off locations. You can find all locations on the Mississippi Power Facebook page. Mississippi Power Spokesperson Kaila Moran Griffith said, “We offer a really easy location for our customers and for the community. This is Plant Watson right off the interstate on Cowan and Lorraine Road, so it’s really easy for Harrison County residents to come drop it off.”

Just remember before you drop off your tree to remove all lights, ornaments, and tree stands. “If you want to hang on to your tree and get a little more Christmas magic out of it. That’s fine you can hang on to it until January 9th. That’s the last day for drop off and you can come on down and drop it off and we’ll take it off your hands for you.”

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