Record-Breaking Surge: Mississippi Dept. of Health reports 3,658 new COVID-19 cases Wednesday morning

The Mississippi State Department of Health says there has been a data error in the daily total number of cases. The agency plans to issue a correction late Wednesday.



(WXXV) — The Mississippi State Department of Health is reporting an additional 3,658 cases of COVID-19 in Mississippi and 25 deaths as of Wednesday morning.

All 25 deaths reported occurred between December 4 and December 8.

In the southernmost six counties of Mississippi, the numbers of COVID-19 cases were as follows:

  • George — 1,459 (38 new)
  • Hancock — 1,422 (34 new)
  • Harrison — 8,180 (141 new)
  • Jackson — 7,144 (168 new)
  • Pearl River — 1,841 (69 new)
  • Stone — 913 (18 new)

Mississippi’s total of COVID-19 cases for the year now stands at 171,584, with 4,042 deaths.

Among cases and deaths already reported, MSDH has identified 58 new cases in residents of long-term care facilities, and 6 deaths. There are currently 203 ongoing outbreaks of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities.

136,627 people in Mississippi are presumed to have recovered from COVID-19.

MSDH said in a post to Facebook, “Social gatherings at home and away from home are rapidly driving Mississippi’s COVID-19 cases upward. The State Health Officer advises all residents of Mississippi to avoid any social gathering that includes individuals outside of the immediate family or household, except for work, school or other absolutely essential activities in order to relieve the pressure on hospitals and save lives.”

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