Rebuilding the Gulf Coast Rescue Mission

Blindsided by a fire over two years ago, the Gulf Coast Rescue Mission is about to break ground on the first phase of their rebuild.

It’s now been over two years since a fire burned down the main building and thrift store at the Gulf Coast Rescue Mission. The unexpected tragedy forced the mission to call an audible, moving their day-to-day operations into the chapel which became their temporary dorms and kitchen. Tom Mims said, “We had to rearrange all the different buildings that we had already and move our dormitories and kitchens and offices into different buildings.”

Despite the blaze, the mission made it out even stronger than before, raising money through donations to start their rebuild. “The public has been great. The Gulf Coast Rescue Mission has been here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast since June 1965. It’s part of our community. The people here have supported this place over the years and really came together out after the fire,” said Mims.

Instead of putting up another large building, the mission plans to put up two smaller ones. Phase one is the thrift shop which Mims hopes is ready by the summer. “Hopefully by the end of the spring, maybe by the first of summer, complete work will be done on this particular building and then we can start making plans on the second building.”

Following the completion of the thrift store, the second phase of construction will begin which will be the second building that will house a new dormitory and kitchen.

The mission continues to look for help from anyone interested in volunteering or donating.

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