Reading Gate Assessment Test

Third grade students across the state are anxiously awaiting their reading gate test scores to see if they’ll move on to the fourth grade.
"They’re nervous for the first time I think. They’ve really taken it seriously and really have tried hard,” said Dori Skrnich.
No student wants to fall behind their peers and the staff at Jeff Davis Elementary School is just as nervous to get the results.
"I’m a little anxious because I want to see those who were on the bubble…those are the ones I’m hopeful about,” said Dr. Melanie Nelson.
The test is scored on a 600-1200 point scale. The Department of Education decided 926 is the benchmark grade. Those students who don’t make the passing score will have two opportunities to re-test.
"I think we can continue to put the practices in place that we’ve been doing and have smaller groups and that direct face to face construction,” said Dr. Nelson.
After results are released tomorrow, Jeff Davis will shift around their classrooms for the remainder of the year to give students who failed the extra one-on-one tutoring. Summer school will also be available to students who need more help.
"In spite of a test, we always want our students to rise to the occasion to be ready for fourth grade; it was never to be ready for this test,” said Dr. Nelson.
Ultimately, test results will determine which students move on. Jeff Davis just hopes the efforts they’ve made are enough.

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