Reacting to the passing of Initiative 65 in Mississippi

Mississippi voters overwhelmingly chose Initiative 65 in last night’s election and now local proponents of the measure as well as law enforcement are speaking out on what’s next.

As the part owner of DB Rocks Quality CB Store in Gulfport, Chad Williams was excited about the approval of Initiative 65 by Mississippi voters.  “I think it’s just going to be another small step and a positive direction making certain treatments available for more people that are beneficial to them.”

Key aspects of 65 include the ability for doctors to prescribe up to five ounces of marijuana per month to patients and lists 22 named diseases that are qualifying conditions.

With a projected start date of August 2021, Williams says it gives the state department of health time to put regulations in place for the program. “It’s going to be more regulated, and I think regulation is good with this cause it’s going to help make it to where it’s something that is healthy and not something that people are just getting from other sources that are unregulated and could be actually having negative impacts on their health.”

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller says he was not surprised by Tuesday’s result, but still has a lot of questions about regulations. “One of my big concerns personally is where this marijuana comes from, is it being grown somewhere locally, you know? That could be an issue for us. Is it something that’s going to be brought in from other states? That could be an issue also.”

Williams says there will be kinks to work out at first but remains positive that regulators and recipients of marijuana will adjust to following all of the guidelines. “I don’t think it’s going to be a disaster or even have a negative impact or cause a lot of illegal selling or abusing of the medicine itself.”

Now, Miller and the Biloxi Police Department will coordinate with the state and begin their preparations for enforcing this new program. “We’ll have to do some training, and hopefully the state’s going to have some direction on that for us, and I believe they will.”

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