Reaching out to domestic violence victims during pandemic

Times of economic and psychological stress at home as well as isolation are drivers for domestic violence.

During the coronavirus lock downs, there was an increase in the number of calls for domestic violence and an increase in the number of people who were reporting domestic violence.

The Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence says it can be difficult for victims to call for help when they are locked in with their abuser due to not being able to find an opportunity to reach out for help.

If you are in a dangerous situation, the experts at the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence are available to help anyone in need.  Rene Davis with the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence said, “Each victim knows when it is safest for them and what level of risk they feel ok taking. If someone is able to send a Facebook message or a text to us, if they are able to call us and find a safe space while they are shopping or church if there is a moment they can take safely in order for them to contact us then we can begin the process of helping them and if necessary we can get them into shelter.”

If you need help you can reach out to the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence on their Facebook page or you can call their crisis line number 24/7 at 1-800-800-1396.

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