Rare whale being cared for at IMMS

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is now bringing a one of a kind animal back to health.

IMMS rescued a rare melon-headed whale after it was reported stranded on Cat Island by a fisherman on Thursday afternoon.

This whale is a male and the species is known for living in deeper waters.

The whale is currently in critical condition with shark bites and other skin lesions and is currently being treated for its injuries around the clock by IMMS employees and veterinarians. Dr. Christa Barrett said, “We are doing hydration. So, we’re giving him fresh water orally and then we’re also giving him feedings as well. He got some antibiotics and some other medications just to make sure his system, his immune system is fighting off any infections.”

This is the first instance of a stranded sea mammal being rescued alive from Alabama to Mississippi this year. If recovery goes well, the whale could be released in one to two months.

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