Rapiscan Systems Classic Junior Golf Clinic

For all of those aspiring young golfers on the Coast, the Bacot McCarty Foundation, along with Chevron, hosted the 2019 Rapiscan Systems Classic Junior Golf Clinic.

Kids on the Gulf Coast packed the Shell Landing Golf Course to learn from two of the best professionals in the game P.H. Horgan III and Gary Nicklaus. “I just want them to come out here and see that golf is something they can do. It’s available to them and there’s people that will help them if they want to get better,” said Nicklaus.

Horgan said, “I used to go to the boys club when I was a kid. So, anything I can do to help these kids, I’m happy to do.”

The kids had the chance to learn the fundamentals, ask some questions, and then it was time to swing for the fences. Junior Golfer Kamora Harris said, “The backswing and how to use clubs and stuff.”

Junior Golfer Jacob Warden said, “Never pick my head up before I swing and to always keep my head down.”

For ten years, the Bacot McCarty Foundation gives kids the opportunity to try something new compared to their everyday hobbies. Todd Trenchard with Bacot McCarty Foundation said, “Bring golf to maybe those kids that have never had that opportunity to see a golf course, to see a golf ball being hit.”

“As a child you just hit at the ball. You don’t overthink it. It’s easier to learn.”

And regardless on if they decided to pursue a career in golf or not, the purpose of the clinic is to tap into the minds of children that getting on the green is fun for all age groups. “If you wanted to go beyond that, it takes a lot of work to get there, but it’s attainable,” said Nicklaus.

Horgan said, “Once you get past those few stages and you catch on, it’s a game you can keep forever.”

“It was fun. I think I may do this a lot more often.”

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