Rain Causes Wash Outs on the Beach

When we see a high amount of rainfall it has a tendency to puddle up on the beach which creates wash outs. These wash outs cover the entire 26 miles of sand on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, putting the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority to work. They have to take loaders, cut it, fill it in, and come back in a week or so and taper it all off.
Officials say this is not totally uncommon, but the high amount of rainfall this weekend had a great impact on our beaches. Harrison County Sand Beach Superintendent Dennis D’aquin said, “When you have three days of rain it actually creates a lot more washouts than normal, but we deal with this on a monthly basis. It’s nothing out of the unordinary. It’s just multiplied and we have excess washouts due to the nine plus inches of rain we’ve had over the past three days.”
Crews are expected to wrap up in the next two and a half weeks.

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