‘R U Ready?’ Hurricane Preparedness Seminar

Hurricane season is around the corner and today the City of Biloxi took precautionary steps to ensure their community’s safety.

Biloxi resident Jermaine Hines said “You know, disaster strikes like Hurricane Katrina, we don’t want anything like that to happen again when we weren’t prepared. I just want to better self-prepare myself.”

This year marks the 13th year since Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi on August 29th, 2005, taking the lives of 231 citizens and causing billions of dollars in damage. Now, with hurricane season just a month away, the City of Biloxi is providing their citizens with information to help them remain safe.  Biloxi Emergency Manager Michelle Crowley said, “We’re providing information about electricity, generators, solar power, all the emergency management agencies, from Keesler, Harrison County, and Biloxi are here.”

According to city officials, developing a family emergency plan, learning evacuation routes, and assembling a three to five day disaster supply kit should be top priority during hurricane season. Keesler Air Force Emergency Manager Stephen Hickman said, “The thing is if you don’t take it seriously, the storm is going to wind up coming in and by then it’s too late.”

Hickman says once the storm rolls in, vacating the premises and following a plan will become a very difficult task which is why it is important to be informed and plan ahead. Biloxi resident Ellie Torres said, “One of the things we are doing today is learning the evacuation routes because we did not know them during Katrina. So, we are getting prepared now, we want to know where to go if they tell us to go.”

City officials say joining the B-Alert list will be a great tool to help keep your family safe during this hurricane season. “When the hurricane information starts to come through, traffic information, evacuations, all of that will be on the B-Alert,” said Crowley.

Salvation Army Mississippi Gulf Coast Area Command Zachary Rhodes said, “Most people do not expect that it can happen to them. I think everybody should be prepared, regardless of where you live, regardless of how your house is built, be prepared.”

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