Putting together the finishing touches at Gulfport High School

It’s been a long time coming for Gulfport High School, but they’re finally putting together the finishing touches on the new campus.
News 25’s Taylor Rubach got an inside look of the brand new facility and tells us more.
“I’m in shock because it’s like ‘wow, this is really fancy’ kind of reminds you of High School Musical type of stuff.” Mya Harper is a 2017 Gulfport High School graduate, she’s walked the halls while construction crews demolished the buildings around her. She says the outcome is nothing short of amazing. “Like the cafeteria, no fishes on the wall, I like that a lot and you have new carpet, new tiles.”
Gulfport High Principal Michael Lindsey said, “In our institute building, we have several classrooms that provide excellent opportunities for students to get some real world experiences.”
But the construction process was difficult for both teachers and students. Science Teacher Bruce Hoyt said, “Some of my science teachers were in regular classrooms teaching science, no sinks and because we’ve been expanding science, we’ve added a lot of science so it’s been harder for them so they’re really excited. They’ve got real science classrooms, some of them for the first time.”
“Parking was very stressful because you had to find out where to park. You couldn’t park in some areas and then the noise was very stressful because you’re trying to learn, but then again you’re trying to get a school belt and then the A/C didn’t work and sometimes they cut off the water line so it was like we can’t go to the bathroom, couldn’t get water,” said Harper.
What was once a constant headache for students dealing with the construction has now paid off and provides them with updated technology and easier access to get around campus. “I feel like this year will be a great starter year for everyone. Even though they’re seniors and they’ve been here. Freshmen are going to love it, 10th graders, 11th graders, and especially the seniors. We’re up-to-date now and I think everybody likes that,” said Harper.
With a new facility, the first day of school is sure to be one to remember.

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