Pusharatas Signal Christmas in Biloxi

Have you ever heard of a pusharatas? It’s the perfect treat for the holidays.
The sweet, fried pastry is popular in Croatia and Slovenia. Thanks to the Slavic Ladies Auxiliary at the Slavonian Lodge in Biloxi, pusharatas are a holiday hit in South Mississippi. The lodge sells these pastries annually, preparing thousands overnight.
Just before Christmas arrives the residents of Biloxi line up for a dozen or two of the delicious pusharatas. Faye Misko with the Slavonian Ladies Auxiliary said, “We think it’s wonderful. We really have to cut the orders off. We cut them off at 1,193 dozen this year. We have 103 on the waiting list and now some other people added up now to be added to the waiting list. A couple of years ago we made 1,388 dozen which is 250 pounds of flour.”
If you would like to get on the list for next year’s orders, contact the Slavonian Ladies Auxiliary at 228-860-9599.

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