Pusharatas for Possums

‘Wild at Heart Rescue’ gave locals a little taste of the holidays while saving wildlife in the process.

The ‘Pusharatas for Possums’ Fundraiser happened today at the Seymour Law Firm in Ocean Springs. The home-made family recipe includes pecans, apples, oranges, tangerines, and gallons of bourbon.

Missy Dubisson with ‘Wild at Heart Rescue’ says while all proceeds go towards their entire wildlife rehabilitation, opossums require the most formula and are in the greatest need.  “We go through a lot because we get so many babies at a time. We know that babies are gonna be coming in very soon. The animals don’t stop having babies because of the warm weather, so we’ll have even more this year than we did last year, so we’d like to stock up the formula. We have about 50 rehabbers, so we have to stock them all up for baby season.”

The rescue is in need of monetary donations or anything on their wish list such as kitten formula, pedialyte, canned cat food, Purina green bag dog food, and more.

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