Pup rescued in Jackson County finds forever home

It’s a rescue story that’s warming the hearts of so many throughout the Coast.

Meet Jackson the fire dog. Iris Wilner with 911 Animal Project Save said, “Jackson roamed around the street out there in the weather and everything. People were just feeding her, some of the things that happened to Jackson weren’t good.”

The year and a half old German Shepard was discovered by a group of different rescue organizations, as well as a Pascagoula fire fighter on a dirt mound, where she was suspected to have lived on since early January. “I would leave toys and food and make sure she had water. The Pascagoula Fire Department, they were super great about feeding her and loving her as much as I could.”

“The fire department, Pascagoula, they really took care of Jackson and if it wasn’t for them she’d probably not had any food shelter”

Jackson befriended all the fire fighters including a black lab named Rooster who helped Jackson make her way to the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Fur Baby Rescue Organization Founder Toni Kraft  said, “Our great friend George Huddle, a wonderful foster, great with socialization, he pulled her out of her shell. He had to take her out of the shelter, pick her up and when he got her to his house, he had to bring her in.”

A vet visit showed Jackson was heart worm positive, as well as abused up to her rescue. Kraft says once Jackson paired up with her new family, Anna Lach, she knew it was a forever home. “When Jackson got here and saw Anna’s mother she went straight to her mother, clung to her mother as soon as we walked in the door. Not being scared, but just went straight to her mother’s room, straight to another orthopedic mat in front of her shower and lay down and was like ok I’m home”

Lach said, “I see a lot of rescues on different websites and I always feel bad. I want a home for them. Then Jackson’s face popped up and God told me that’s your dog.”

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