Public Transportation Conference in Gulfport

It’s a conference to improve local transportation in the southern district in hopes of administering more reliable access to communities.
Public transit providers attended a two day conference at the Lyman Community Center to discuss projects for public transportation.
The project in particular will be a pilot program for the three coastal counties that would involve transportation to give people access to child care, job training, and careers. All of this is to help people get back on their feet and get them employed. Coast Transit Authority Executive Director Kevin Coggin said, “Public transportation is important to every community. It’s a quality of life issue. All of the services that are available are no good if people do not have access to them. People have a lot of transportation challenges. It’s not necessarily money, could be age, disabilities, there’s a lot of different factors involved in that.”
With the severe weather we are expecting this weekend and next week, public transportation still plans to be in service.

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