Public hearing on possible resource center

Today Biloxi held a public hearing regarding the possibility of turning a vacant school in West Biloxi into a resource center for the homeless population in the city.
Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich is proposing a no-cost lease with Biloxi Public Schools which would turn Beauvoir Elementary into a homeless assessment and coordination center. The center would provide mental health and substance abuse services to the nearly 400 homeless individuals and families in Biloxi.
Those in support of a homeless facility say it’s long overdue. Biloxi resident Judy Longo said, “People are coming to this beautiful Gulf Coast because they think there is a lot of opportunity and there is, but when they get here they just find that it takes a little longer than they thought to get that job, doing the applications. So, sometimes they find themselves living on the streets and we want them to come and work so in the meantime while they are looking for work, they can also be living in a place until they can get back on their feet.”
Those speaking out against homeless resource center say they would prefer to keep the facility away from residential areas and fear it would open the doors to more homelessness in the city.

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