Public hearing on Pascagoula budget

A public hearing was held at Pascagoula City Hall regarding the city’s budget proposal.

There was a $14 million shortfall in the city’s budget. The city council proposed a budget that will try to fix the concerns.

Residents of Pascagoula had the opportunity to address the council with their comments on the proposal.

After job cuts and an increase in tax rates, the Pascagoula community is staying in touch with the budget. Pascagoula Community Relations Director Lauri-Ellen Smith said, “People have been very engaged in the process, which is a good thing, even though its bad news. Anytime you have a budget challenge, with a potential tax increase, you’ve got a lot of citizen engagement, it’s a good thing. We welcome it, but it is a painful process.”

The city council is scheduled to meet to vote on the budget Thursday, September 13th.

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