Biloxi residents protested today against the dust, illness and the financial hardships that some have had to pay, as a consequence of the drawn-out Oscar Renda development project.
New’s 25’s Veronica Bayona was outside the Oscar Renda office, where the protest took place, and brings us more.

“It just seems like its slow, you know, I take that back, it is slow, it’s slower than slow,” said Cliff Nunley, and East Biloxi resident.
For almost four year now, East Biloxi residents have been waiting for the completion of the infrastructure work on 55 miles of streets north of the CSZ railway in East Biloxi
“It’s bad, I don’t know another way to describe it but b-a-d, bad.” Cliff Nunley says, the dust and grime surrounding his property is the reason why the car he purchased back in October must now receive a new paint job.
“It’s just ridiculous, if it’s doing that to my car, I wonder what it’s doing to my lungs and my families lungs,” says Nunley.
aside from health concerns, some protesters say they’re facing financial hardships and loosing business as customers cannot reach their store fronts because of the construction.
“I almost go to bankruptcy, we lost about 70 percent this year, because the people are so angry, they cant get in there,” says Kim Pham, restaurant owner of Kim Long.
And as Biloxi residents protest to have their voices be heard, Biloxi city officials say they want them to know they re doing everything in their power to get the project done in a timely manner.
Biloxi Public Affairs, Cecilia Dobbs-Walton explains, “This is something that no one in the city of Biloxi likes but the city of Biloxi and the mayor is doing its part working with Oscar Renda like I said, getting added crews and getting progress.”
Dobbs-Walton says there are currently 20 crews with over 185 men working 6 days a week.
She says the contracts deadline is set for December 2018.
“We hope that’s true, but to date, that still wont solve the problem we have with health and economic situations here.”
I’m Veronica Bayona, in Biloxi, News 25.

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