Protest exercise at NCBC

With the recent Iran missile attack, the Navy Security Forces at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport performed a simulation protest.

This exercise has protesters outside of the gates and officers inside practicing how to respond and what protocol measures have to be taken, including exercising their response to make sure they are ready if something like this does occur.

They say it becomes instinct in how they are supposed to respond and it is efficient.

Simulations like this are done routinely, but some are added when they look at actions happening around the country or at other military installations. Chief Ken Brown with the NCBC Police said, “We look at ways that we can train our Navy Security Forces on how to respond to those type situations. Every situation and every protest is different. So, that’s why we routinely train for situations like this to where we will be prepared for any event that may occur.”

This particular practice had the fake protesters stay behind the blue base line. Once that line is passed other measures can be taken by the security forces.

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