Protecting your home from wildlife during the winter

With cooler temperatures, people have been cozied up at home, but they are not the only ones. Local wildlife has also been looking for a warm environment to seek food and shelter from the cold weather.

Stark Exterminators, a pest and termite control company, shared a few tips on how to prevent wildlife from entering your home.

Seal all exterior cracks and holes, including along the roofline, around the chimney, and areas where utilities and pipes enter the home.

Use plastic boxes and containers with seal-tight lids for storage. Keep them off the floor and organize items to prevent wildlife from residing in undisturbed areas of the house, garage, basement, and attic.

They also recommend keeping outside cooking areas and grills clean. Arrow Exterminators Service Center Manager Austin Key said, “Make sure that you have sealed up all your access points where your plumbing penetrations would go. Have something behind it to prevent the wildlife from getting in. If you have outside animals, we recommend that you keep that food and water away from the back door of the house or as far away from it as possible.”

If a wildlife animal does get into your home, the best thing to do is call an exterminator.

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