Protecting the Least Terns

Dozens of people in Gulfport spent their time standing guard on the beach for the Fourth of July.
Volunteers with the Mississippi Audubon Center set up camp yesterday at Broad Avenue in Gulfport to help protect one of the most active sites for least terns.
Concerned for the bird’s nests and their safety, volunteers spent the day encouraging tourists and visitors along the beach to avoid the area so the least terns can raise their babies in peace.
Audubon Mississippi officials tell News 25 they’re trying to do everything possible to give these birds a fighting chance before they migrate. Audubon Mississippi Program Director Sarah Pycina said, “Along the Gulf, there’s quite a bit. Mississippi has a large number, has one of the largest population numbers of least terns, but you can find them all the way from Florida to Texas, but Mississippi is home to really big colonies compared to those other states.”
Volunteers traveled from as far away as New York and France to help with this cause.
The birds are expected to stay along the Coast for the next few months.

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