Protect Your Groundwater Day

Nearly 40 percent of the American population regularly depends on groundwater for everyday use. Today, the National Ground Water Association is encouraging the public to be aware of their water use.
It is part of “Protect your Groundwater Day” which reminds everyone it takes a group effort to ensure the water we consume stays safe. Experts want well owners to know that proper management of your well can make a difference in water quality. Also, you should be aware of hazardous substances common to households and avoid putting them down the drain.
Howard Page, community organizer for the Steps Coalition, said, “This is actually the water that we drink, we bathe in, we put in our swimming pools. So, this is the water we want to keep the healthiest because this is what we depend on for our everyday cooking, cleaning and living.”
Well owners are reminded to keep the well head a safe distance from possible contamination and to get regular inspections.

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