Keeping your children safe is something that is constantly on parents mind.
The Lions Club of Ocean Springs decided to educate themselves further on how to do just that.
The Lions Club held a meeting where guest speaker Angel Myers-McIlrath spoke with the members about all of the dangers that children face today.. From sexual abuse to cyber bullying.
ANGEL provided practical information the members could take home with.
she shared statistics like 62 percent of child sexual abuse being unreported.
Angel explains, “It’s a lot of work to be a parent. It’s not just taking care of your children like we used to. There are dangers in this world that we didn’t grow up with that are very real and we are at a disadvantage because our children grow up with them from the very beginning. They know more than we do and they stay up to date more than we do.”
Angel says it’s important to know your child’s passwords and to randomly check their phones to make sure they are staying safe from dangerous apps such as KIK, chat roulette and tinder.

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