Proposed Amusement Park on the Coast

The Coast serves as a welcome mat for tourism but maybe not for all ages. There seems to be a lack of family fun entertainment Coast wide. Could that be changing in the near future? There was the announcement of the return of FunTime USA and now another theme park for all ages could be on its way. Here’s what you need to know about Dream Landing Adventure Park.
On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, fun can be found in the form of casinos, historical museums and professional baseball. When it comes to family entertainment, the options are limited. “There’s not much family activities around here. We were trying to Google what we could do,” said Coast resident Luke Baker. Wiggins resident Randi Knight said, “Most of the stuff here on the Coast is more adult-friendly than children-friendly. I would really like to see more attractions for kids.”
Danny Rogers, CEO of Fun Box Amusements LLC, sees the need and wants to bring a rollercoaster of fun back to the Coast. This is something he says has been missing since Katrina. “We’ve reached a point where if we don’t do something, our tourism is going to die fast and quiet. People need some place for their children to go, we all do.”
His grand idea is Dream Landing Adventure Park, a theme park with over 40 rides and attractions. Basic building costs are estimated to be $30 million. While some private investors have contributed, Rogers is looking for about $20 million more. “We have the BP funding coming down where it was specifically stated that a small amount must be used for tourism. What’s a better use for it than this?”
The project would also produce nearly 400 jobs. Rogers says a specific amount of profit would also go back into the community.
Now, it’s just a matter of finding support from South Mississippians to get the ball rolling. “We’re looking to hold public meetings. We want to hear from everybody. This is their park. We want to hear from them. If you want it, support it. If you don’t want it, don’t support it and it won’t happen,” said Rogers.
Right now, there is no set location for the amusement park but three options have been discussed.
If you would like to show your support for the park, you can go to and sign the online petition or just leave your comments.

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