Progress on new hotels in Biloxi

Great progress was made over the past few months regarding two new hotels in downtown Biloxi.

The Hilton Garden Inn and the Watermark Hotel are making the next steps to be ready to open in the near future.

The Hilton Garden Inn will have over 100 rooms and the Watermark Hotel will have over 100 suites. These two projects are added contributions to downtown along with other businesses and restaurants, including a new elevated Waffle House.

With all the new attractions taking shape in downtown Biloxi, there’s a lot of buzz around the city regarding an increase in tourism.  Vincent Creel with the City of Biloxi Public Affairs said, “We are going to see more people walking these pedestrian friendly downtown sidewalks. Looking at the construction going on over by the Barq’s building, we think that with the new restaurants coming in, we are going to see a great rise in economic development in the downtown area.”

After construction is complete, the next phase for the hotels are inspection and then both projects will be open for business.

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