Professional Cowboy Association finals bringing more people to the Coast

The City of Biloxi hosted a meeting this afternoon to talk about the future of the Professional Cowboy Association finals held in Biloxi.
The annual rodeo, which happens in January, showcases cowboys and cowgirls from all across the southeast and promoters are looking to increase the potential number of visitors it can bring to our community. President of Hotel and Lodging Association Kenny Glavan said, “We’ve had a small event, about, 8,000, and we are trying to expand it to over 100,000 people that would visit the Gulf Coast in January at a time when we certainly need the business and I liken it to creating an event similar to Cruising the Coast, instead of cars we’ve got horses and bulls coming in.”
The promoters tell News 25 it will be a process that takes multiple years as they plan to work in different phases and they even hope to get the rodeo televised within the next couple years.

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