In a disinfecting and antibiotic heavy society we live in today, many medical experts say we’re killing off the good bacteria that can protect us. That’s what’s led to a surge in probiotic purchases, but what is this bacteria, touted to coat our guts with the “good stuff?” let’s check in a pediatrician who sees the benefits in children. If you walk down a medicine or dairy aisle, no doubt you will see probiotic packages with hard to pronounce ingredients. while spelling words like “lactobacillus” and “bifidobacterium” bye fuh-doh can be difficult pediatrician, Anatole Karpovs says the task of these probiotics is a pretty simple Dr. Anatole Karpovs, pediatrician, “A probiotic is a microscopic organism that can be beneficial when you take it in a sufficient amount, it might benefit your help in some way.” Doctor Karpovs says probiotics help restore normal bacteria in your child’s gut, boosting natural immune defenses, and promoting digestive health. Dr. Anatole Karpovs, pediatrician, “Oftentimes it does help if you have chronic diarrhea type illnesses or bad gastroenteritis. I’ve also seen some studies showing that it may benefit for prevention of certain kinds of stomach viruses or occasionally I’ve seen studies about cold symptoms.” So why do we need to put bacteria into our body? Doctor Karpovs says it’s because we’ve reduced the amount of good bacteria in our surroundings and through antibiotics. Dr. Anatole Karpovs, pediatrician “Many times we’ve learned early on that bacteria are bad for us we have to sanitize everything, we have to stay really clean or else we get infections from bacteria, but actually that ends up being just a very small percentage of bacteria that we come into contact.” With so many options on the market, Doctor Karpovs says it’s best to go with name brands in stories, versus shopping around online. He also says yogurts can help, along with a balanced diet that can offer prebiotics. Dr. Anatole Karpovs, pediatrician, “The more fruits and vegetables that you eat, whole grains, nuts, things like that. Those kind of things help establish those normal bacteria within your system” If you are giving a probiotic to your child, make sure you follow the recommended amounts. for babies, breastmilk is the perfect probiotic and prebiotic.

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