Pro State Flag Rally in Biloxi

The City of Biloxi took the Mississippi State flag down at all city buildings by order of the mayor, but you’ll still see it in front of City Hall.
That’s because a group of Mississippians are protesting the actions of Biloxi by flying their own flags bearing the Confederate battle emblem. This group says the state flag does not represent racial inequality and that tourism in Biloxi was never negatively impacted by the flag.
Protestors also tell News 25 that they believe the city has assigned an employee specifically to watch them as they continue to exercise their constitutional rights.
Shavon Morris is protesting over the state flag. She said, “This is not, in any shape, form, or fashion, about anything other than appeasing the people who have nothing to do with this state in particularly.”
Carol Mize wants the state flag back in front of city buildings. She said, “This is the flag of all the people in the state of Mississippi. They need to make the decision. They made it once in 2001 and now he’s trying to change that, but in order to change it, this is a democracy, it should go to the ballot box.”
Protestors tell News 25 they plan to be at City Hall every day until the state flag is once again flown in front of city buildings.

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