Preventing Kitchen Fires

If you can’t handle the heat…get out of the kitchen.
That is exactly what the Biloxi Fire Department wants you to do if a fire sparks while you are cooking.
In the past week firefighters responded to four kitchen fires in Biloxi an alarming number for a short amount of time.
Cooking fires are the number one cause of house fires.
The Biloxi Fire Department stresses the importance of never leaving the kitchen unattended while cooking.

“We would rather you focus on contacting us and getting your family out of the house and yourself out of the house safely because we can replace the contents and stuff we can’t replace a life, so that’s a big concern for us.”
– Chief Joe Boney Biloxi Fire Department

The Biloxi fire department’s fire prevention division offers free smoke detectors and installation to residents who need them.
Firefighters will also test existing smoke detectors and offer free safety tips to homeowners.
You call the fire department at 228-435-6200 to request the free service.

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