Preventing hot car deaths

In 2019, a staggering number of children died of vehicular heatstroke.

The Biloxi Fire Department tells News 25 that it only takes ten minutes for a car to become dangerously hot for children. They also say that cracking the windows doesn’t do much in regards to lowering the temperature in your car.

Children are three to five times more susceptible to the heat than adults are so they will succumb to heatstroke faster.

The Biloxi Fire Department says most hot car incidents involving children are accidents where the parents forgot the children in the car. City of Biloxi Fire Inspector William Fairley said, “So, what you want to do is put something that you will need at your destination in the back seat with your child after you buckle them in. If you are a woman you could put your purse or cell phone, a key, or badge to get into your office, something like that in the back seat with the child so it triggers your memory.”

If you see that a child is in a dangerous hot car situation you should call 911 immediately.

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