‘A Pretty Mess’ by Sam Stolte

Friday night at the Smith and Lens Gallery in Bay St. Louis, a new featured artist brought out their collection.

Sam Stolte has had showings at this gallery before, but this is his first solo. He says he finds his inspiration in random places such as conversations and music. Stolte also likes to bring world issues to light in his work.

Stolte chose ‘A Pretty Mess’ as the title for his solo show because he says most of his work is very gestural meaning his art has a lot of brush strokes leaving messes behind. “I like things to look like they are moving and sometimes that makes messes, sometimes they’re happy messes that I like to keep and so I just, my ultimate goal is for it to look somewhat chaotic, but still in control. It is a pretty mess in some way.”

‘A Pretty Mess’ will be on display until June 23rd.

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