Press conference held for Jaheim McMillan in Gulfport

Since the death of 15-year-old Jaheim McMillan, community activists have come together to fight for answers.

A press conference was held Monday in front of the Gulfport Police Department to discuss the current situation involving the death of Jaheim McMillan.

Family and friends gathered in front of the Gulfport Police Department this afternoon, demanding justice for the death of the 15-year-old. Co-founder BLM Restoration Polk Inc. Pastor Carl Soto said, “With the consistent testimony of these witnesses, innocent bystanders that were there, we can now safely say this was murder.”

Andrew Joseph with Black Lives Matter Grassroots said, “This is our normal. This is every other week. This is two or three times a month.”

Some of the speakers at the conference were family members of other police shooting victims, such as Breonna Taylor, came to the protest to express their sympathies and support the McMillan family. Breonna’s aunt, Bianca Austin, said, “It’s cover up. It’s corruption. We’ve all known. We’ve all been through it, so we want to echo that we demand transparency, whether it’s by choice or force. We will get transparency for this family and we will get justice for Jaheim.”

The protesters at the event are calling for the arrest of the officer who shot McMillan, as well as the resignation of Police Chief Adam Cooper. Deanna Joseph with Black Lives Matter Grassroots said, “This is not falling on deaf ears, you see. We-the families-we are committed to this fight.”

News 25 has reached out to Gulfport Police who have declined to comment at this time.

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