Presidential Debate

If you weren’t watching the Saints game last night, you probably had you’re eyes fixed on the big debate.
Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shared the stage for the first time at the presidential debate. The two candidates expressed opposing takes on issues facing our country.
News 25 caught up with Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. He says while a lot of the public seems to think Clinton had the better night, he says his vote is still with Trump. “I think he did a remarkable job of articulating a common man’s vision. The lost American in the middle class now understands the last eight years have been horrible, not only for the middle class but for the inter-cities and communities around America and they’re looking for something different and new and challenging and that is Donald Trump. His leadership is going to show America back to being great again.”
As the November 8th election draws near, both candidates made it public last night that they will support whoever wins the election.

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