President Trump’s former campaign manager on the Coast

One of President Trump’s former campaign managers was on the Coast today to show his support for a local politician.

Corey Lewandowksi was the campaign manager for Donald Trump back in 2016. Now, he is here on the Coast to help Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell. “You know, I came down here to show my support for Dane Maxwell who is running for the Public Service Commission. There is a primary on August 6th. Dane was instrumental in helping President Trump be successful, not just in Mississippi, but across the country and as the campaign manager to the president’s election campaign, I wanted to come down and pay it forward and help Dane Maxwell win the election.”

Lewandowski was also promoting his new book titled “Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State is Undermining the Presidency.” He had a book signing at the Great Southern Club in Gulfport. “It is really about what lead up to the Bob Mueller investigation. It talks about people that have now become household names, Jim Comey, Andy McCabe, the individuals who used their positions in the government to perpetuate crimes against the president, his family, and our campaign because they didn’t like our politics.”

In regard to the Mueller Report, Lewandowski said the findings didn’t come as a surprise to him. “I’m happy it is over. They could have asked me from day one I knew there was no collusion. I was there every day with the president. I’m glad that the Mueller Report findings say what I already knew, no collusion, no obstruction. Let’s move on with the country. What we have to be sure of is the people who started this investigation are held accountable because they used their position to attack Americans because they didn’t like our politics.”

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