Preparing for Tropical Storm Gordon

Being prepared is key to staying safe when bad weather is heading our way. Tropical Storm Gordon has brought a hurricane warning and a storm surge warning to our area.

Many locals across the Coast were out buying essential items in preparation for Gordon. One of those locals, Mary Perry, was out stocking up on water. Having lived in Gulfport her whole life, Perry says she knows the importance of not waiting until the last minute to get the essential items you need. “You really just have to be aware of what’s going on around you even though it may be a couple of hundred miles or so away. You really just have to keep it in the back of your mind that anything can happen, anything is possible. I’ve been here where a storm has come this way, turned, went back south and came back and people just kind of let their guard down. After that, I don’t let my guard down.”

Perry says she keeps extra batteries, flashlights, and other essential items on hand during the hurricane season. She thinks that you cannot be too prepared. “My mantra is it is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Always have a plan ‘b.’ You never know what’s going to happen.”

Tropical Storm Gordon is going to bring in a lot of heavy rain so locals were out today filling up sand bags across South Mississippi.

In addition to residents getting prepared for the storm, Harrison County Emergency Management and local first responders are getting ready for what is ahead as well.

News 25 spoke with Harrison County Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy who has some advice for this weather. “Don’t take it lightly. I mean, number one, don’t base this on Nate. Don’t base this on Alberto. Each storm has its own characteristics. You know, the one thing I have learned over my years is that water kills. So, people need to understand that we could have those inconveniences such as power outages that they may not be used to.”

If you are planning on evacuating do it now because if you plan on being in your home Tuesday night you need to stay put, the water and wind are expected to be extremely heavy. “Be ready for the water, be ready for the wind. Always run from the waters, hunker down from the winds. Have your supplies, pick up those loose items, have your medications, have food supply. If you haven’t filled up your car maybe go fill up your car,” said Lacy.

If you are seeking shelter, the Emergency Operations Center will be opening a shelter in Vancleave on Ball Park Road at noon on Tuesday.

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