Pre-Legislative Briefing This Morning Biloxi

The 2017 legislative session is just one month away and this morning lawmakers from the coast met with members of the local business community to discuss some of the major topics expected on the legislative agenda. The possible re-write of Mississippi’s Education Funding formula is expected to be a huge issue this year As legislators await recommendations from private firm “EdBuild”. But, probably the biggest issue lawmakers will take up is one extremely pertinent to the coast the allocation of nearly 110 million BP Oil Spill settlement dollars.
“Well I was really pleased to hear from one of my norther colleagues…he came out publicly in his local newspaper and said he supported that money coming to the coast. So that tells me the message that Senator Watson and Wiggins, Senator Gollot and Senator Moran…we’ve all been selling out there is starting to take hold. And people understand how important it is for that money to come down here. And the fact is we’re an economic engine for the state. If you keep our engine fully gassed, it’s going to create more revenue for the rest of the state.”
– Sean Tindell (R) State Senator, District 49
Lawmakers at the briefing also discussed the possibility of a gas tax increase to support statewide infrastructure work…something many of them were against.

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