Pre-legislative briefing at Golden Nugget

The 2019 Legislative Session was groundbreaking for our state with the passing of the lottery and teacher pay raises.

Now lawmakers are getting ready for 2020 and setting the stage with a pre-legislative briefing that took place this morning at the Golden Nugget.

The briefing was set up as a panel discussion with four senators in attendance.

Some of the questions and issues brought to these lawmakers this morning were the lottery and making sure the profits from it stay directed to what it was set out for, along with issues with the state flag and education.

One topic brought up that is unique to the Coast is how legislature will allocate the funds from the BP oil spill settlement and if any of the projects the advisory board put forth will be funded.  State Senator Jeremy England said, “We could fund all or we could fund none, but we are going to look at is talking with our other delegates from the Coast, we are going to be looking at things that are transformational coast wide and things that we can really benefit from long term and not run into a situation where we are on the hook for up keep and things like that. We want sustainable projects.”

The legislative session begins on January 7th in Jackson.

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