Prayer Meeting at St. Michael’s

Today, members of St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Biloxi gathered to pray for those serving in our community.
Policemen, fire fighters and first responders serving the community in South Mississippi came to the church to be prayed over today. This prayer meeting was inspired by all that has been going on with police departments all over the United States.
The pastor of the church gave a short message on the part we can play in helping to keep our policemen and other servicemen safe. Members of the church gathered around the men to pray for safety as they go back out into the field.
Father Gregory Barras said, “I hope they realize we love them and care for them and support them. So, often they get all of the negative, they get the worst side of society like those who are angry or hateful or mentally ill. Hopefully, now they see more of us want to be aware.”
Law enforcement told News 25 they felt encouraged as they left, knowing the community cares.

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