POW/MIA chair dedication ceremony at Biloxi VA Medical Center

The table has been set and the chair is waiting, along with family and friends of our military servicemen and women who are prisoners of war or still missing in action.

News 25’s Toni Miles take us to a POW/MIA chair dedication held at the Biloxi VA Medical Center where more than a hundred veterans and the VA undersecretary for memorial affairs rallied to honor the memory and lives of our POWs and those still missing in action.

The National Anthem is a song we all know that celebrates our freedom, but only those who have served our country know firsthand the sacrifices that have been made for our liberty. “This unoccupied seat is dedicated to the memory of those brave men and women who are not yet accounted for and the sacrifice each made for their country. The plaque that accompanies this chair reads “You are gone, but not forgotten.”

As evidenced by more than one hundred people who banded alongside the VA undersecretary of memorial affairs at the Biloxi VA Medical Center on Tuesday for the unveiling and dedication of a chair at the VA Medical Center.  American Legion Posts 42 Commander Tom Adams said, “It’s a constant reminder that there are those missing from our ranks.”

The table is set in memory of the more than 80,000 military men and women who have not yet made it home and our nation’s leaders say they will not rest until everyone is accounted for.  VA Undersecretary for Memorial Affairs Randy C. Reeves said,“ For each and every one of them for each of those unaccounted for, there is a family somewhere waiting, hoping some day they will return. That is who we have to remember and honor and that’s who we have to embrace as a country until we make sure there is a full accounting.”

“That’s what we’re hoping for, they’re gone but not forgotten.”

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